Learn About Local Search

Local search queries include not only information about "what" the site visitor is searching for, but also "where".

If you’re a business looking for customers, here’s some words of encouragement: Millions of customers are looking for you too.

Last year, over 350 billion Internet searches were made, a growing percentage of them on mobile devices. In fact, mobile devices are soon expected to overtake PCs as the primary platform for Internet-based searches. Industry estimates show that nearly half of all Internet searches made from mobile devices are local in intent.

Almost 80% of mobile local searches result in a purchase or sale.

About Us

GOBIZiNFO is a location data company the new economy of most valuable brand and technology companies that delivers best in class data-driven customer technology solution. The company helps thousands of clients and partners around the world to achieve superior business results by creating experiences that deepen business owners and customers connection.

GBIZiNFO provides local updates on the latest and greatest business happenings, and creating meaningful interactions between consumers and the brands they love.