Small Business

  • Needs business listing information published FAST
  • Wants a simple, easy solution for managing location information online

Chain / Enterprise

  • Needs reliable listing management for 25+ locations or agents
  • Wants bulk solutions for managing listings

Data Licenser

  • Requires detailed business information, with a high confidence in accuracy
  • Needs a simple solution for receiving data in real-time

Reseller / Agency

  • Needs a solution to offer or upsell to customers
  • Wants a flexible integrated service that proves added value to customers

About Us

GOBIZiNFO is a location data company the new economy of most valuable brand and technology companies that delivers best in class data-driven customer technology solution. The company helps thousands of clients and partners around the world to achieve superior business results by creating experiences that deepen business owners and customers connection.

GBIZiNFO provides local updates on the latest and greatest business happenings, and creating meaningful interactions between consumers and the brands they love.